Tuesday, August 30, 2011


...and their yarn.

Meet Mortimer.

He is Maria's pet knitted toy.

He guards her precious stash of malabrigo, a kettle dyed 100% special wool blend that Mortimer tells me knitters love.

 He also says Maria likes to hoard her precious malabrigo.

And that other knitters are very jealous of her vast malabrigo stash.

When Maria's not looking, Mortimer likes to participate in all kinds of activities, like swimming...

And climbing.

 (unedited photo)

He also likes to strike poses...he thinks he's a movie star.

(unedited photo)

He's really quite convincing...

(unedited photo)

Don't you think?

Gilbert Keith

I did not take these pics - I taught Maria how to take them, and she's got a knack for it, as you can see (now all she needs to figure out is the photo editing process ;)
I thought you'd still like to see this hilarious character though, so here he is, Gilbert Keith the English Monster

Hmm - what, guests?! Oh, {ahem}, why hullo there!

I am Gilbert Kieth,the English Monster

And who may YOU be?

Oh dear me, there are my outlandish American monster cousins getting themselves into trouble again {sigh}...I suppose I must be off - tata!